The Best Accessories for Beachy Brides

Best Accessories for Beachy Brides

If you’re counting down the days until summer and DREAMING of sand and waves, then you might be a beachy bride!

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Here are some of our favorite bridal accessories for brides who are looking for some sand and surf!


Veils can definitely be tricky on the beach. While wind on the water can sound romantic, having a mouth full of tulle is probably not the vision you were going for.

We recommend shorter veils with a little more weight for beach weddings. This way, the veil won’t drag in the sand, but also will have some rhinestones or lace to keep it from flying too high.

The Moonlight Veil is the perfect short option for beachy brides. The rhinestone and detail work will keep the veil from flying up in the wind and it won’t drag on the sand behind you!

Moonlight Veil Justine M. Couture Happily Ever Borrowed

Now if you WERE dreaming of a long, cathedral veil for your beach wedding – it can totally still be done!  We recommend keeping it LIGHT.  Because it is longer, it will automatically have more weight, but you don’t want too much embellishment because it will drag in the sand or on the boardwalk.

The Hayley Veil or the Constance Veil are my personal favorites because they add a touch of fun color to your bridal look.  I picked the Hayley Veil for my big day because I was getting married on Lake George and wanted to match the beautiful blue of the lake. The Constance Veil also has that gorgeous deep ombre to blue that is perfect for brides dreaming of the water!

Hayley Veil Happily Ever Borrowed Hayley PaigeConstance Veil Sara Gabriel Happily Ever Borrowed

Want something to cover your shoulders but want a look totally different than a veil? How about an adorable capelet like the Silk & Beaded Circle Rose Cape? Guaranteed not to blow too far on the windy shores!

Silk & Beaded Circle Rose Cape Twigs and Honey Happily Ever Borrowed


There are so many different hairstyles you can do for a beach wedding, and our biggest piece of advice is be COMFORTABLE!  While everyone loves a beachy wave, if you feel like the wind in your hair is going to annoy you, choose a more pinned back coif! Here are some hairpieces that can accent any hairstyle you might choose.

The Extra Long Petite Blossom Hair Vine is so gorgeous in a braid and gives us major mermaid vibes.

Extra Long Petite Blossom Hair Vine Twigs and Honey Happily Ever Borrowed

What about the ever present “Half-Up Half-Down” hairstyle? It gives the illusion of those beach waves while keeping the locks out of your face right? The Flower Cluster Swag Headpiece & the Sanee Double Leaf Circlet are two perfect pieces for the look! They look great with your hair down but can also keep some pieces in place! We love accessories that can perform double duty!

Flower Cluster Swag Headpiece Twigs and Honey Happily Ever Borrowed Sanee Double Leaf Circlet Haute Bride Happily Ever Borrowed

Want to keep everything back and still have a water goddess vibe? The Gilded Crystal Encrusted Branch Headpiece is our absolute fav!  It looks like golden coral!

Gilded Crystal Encrusted Branch Headpiece Twigs and Honey Happily Ever Borrowed


Every Bride needs a little bit of sparkle on the big day!

The Dogwood Crystal Stud reminds of Hawaiian blooms for any brides who want a tropical feel!

Dogwood Crystal Stud Elizabeth Bower Happily Ever Borrowed

In keeping with the blue theme, we also love the dusty blue of the Something Borrowed Bracelet Something Borrowed Earrings.

Something Blue Bracelet Something Blue Earrings Happily Ever Borrowed Haute Bride

Have any questions about what type of pieces work for your beachy bride vibe?  Feel free to contact me at and I’m happy to give any personalized styling advice you need!

And remember you can always try any 3 pieces on our site for just $50! Read more about our Send Before You Spend Box!

In the meantime, keep the tropical vibes flowing. Summer will be here before you know it!



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