The Best Accessories for Glam Brides

Let’s get real. Sparkle makes us feel good, and for glam brides, it’s the jelly to their peanut butter and the yin to their yang. Is your mantra the more glitter the better? Then read on to discover our favorite pieces for your sparkle party!

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Probably the most glamorous veil is the cathedral veil but it’s really the different finishes that can make your breathtaking. Whether lace or rhinestones, long or short, there are many different ways to make your veil glamorous!

Moira Veil

moira veil sara gabriel happily ever borrowed

Glamour Veil

glamour veil ariel jennifer taub happily ever borrowed

Eloise Veil

Eloise Veil Ariel Jennifer Taub Happily Ever Borrowed

Moonlight 45″ Veil

Moonlight 45

Headpieces & Sashes

Probably the BEST way to glam up your look is with hair accessories and rhinestone sashes. We have an amazing assortment to choose from and here are just a few pieces to wow you!

Chris Halo

Chris Halo, Happily Ever Borrowed, Sara Gabriel

Neveah Headband

Neveah Headband, Brides & Hairpins, Happily Ever Borrowed

Sabrina Comb

Sabrina Comb, Enchanted Atelier, Happily Ever Borrowed

Eden Sash

Eden Sash, Elizabeth Bower, Happily Ever Borrowed

Tesla Duet

Jewelry & Clutches

Last but not least, you can always frost yourself with some jewelry and a sparkly handbag to finish your glamorous look!

Charlotte Necklace

Charlotte Necklace, Enchanted Atelier Happily Ever Borrowed

Claudia Cuff

Claudia Cuff, Justine M Couture, Happily Ever Borrowed

Lara Solid Gold Confetti Clutch

Lara Solid Gold Confetti Clutch, Edie Parker, Happily Ever Borrowed

And so now you know how to sparkle on your big day!  Remember, you can borrow any of these pieces for your hair trial or dress fitting in advance of your wedding for just $50! Check out the Send Before You Spend page to learn more!



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