Grooming the Groom: 3 Ways to Get Ready for the Big Day

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Often times when planning a wedding, people immediately start to ask the bride questions on her preparation for the big day. While often times the bride takes on most of the responsibility for wedding planning, we find more and more that grooms are getting serious about being included in the details of the big day! At Happily Ever Borrowed, we focus on the bride, but we wanted to share some tips on how the groom can prepare for one of the most important days of his life. After all, he has to say, “I do,” too!

Be a Cut Above the Rest

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Guys, it’s never too early to plan out your wedding day look and this starts at the top with a great hairstyle. Whether you’re rocking a man bun or keeping things squeaky clean, having a plan in place prior to the big day is only going to work in your favor. Consider visiting your barber or stylist a couple months ahead to map out your look. If you want to maintain the style you’re currently rocking, regular trims will keep things consistent. If you’re looking to grow it out a bit and have some time before the big day, consider incorporating foods that promote hair growth into your diet. If you’re in a bit of a time crunch or just want to see quicker results, talk to your doctor about a prescription treatment to encourage hair growth such as finasteride. This is used to combat male pattern baldness and with regular use, most men see thicker hair growth as well as slower loss. Either way, it’s your wedding day and you should go with whatever makes you feel confident.

Dress to Kill…Your Vows

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Whether you’ve chosen to exchange your vows on a beach in paradise or your childhood church, what you wear sets the tone for the day. After you and your partner-to-be select a venue, it’s time to start searching for the perfect outfit. Some grooms opt for a casual look while some wear a three piece suit. Again, this is a decision you can make after exploring some options. If you’re the kind of guy who loves a one stop shop, check out Generation Tux. They walk you through the steps and allow you to design, customize, and rent your wedding day look with just a few simple clicks. Not only is this method convenient, but it also gives your groomsman an opportunity to select their attire no matter where they’re located! Better yet, when any 5 guys from your bridal party rent, the groom gets his tux or suit FREE! Dress to impress and we can guarantee you’ll sweep your bride off her feet!

Break a Sweat

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Believe it or not, the benefits of exercise stretch far beyond just losing those few extra pounds. The benefits of establishing a regular exercise routine include increasing energy levels, improving your skin health, and strengthening your memory, which is especially important when it comes to reciting those vows! Exercise also improves your mood by releasing chemicals called endorphins, which interact with the receptors in your brain causing you to feel happy. With all the stress and emotions that come along with planning a wedding, it’s likely you’ll need an outlet to release some tension and what better way than exercise? Whether you enjoy spending time in the gym, running the trails at your favorite park, or taking a group class like kickboxing, it’s recommended that adults exercise 150 minutes per week. If it helps, think of exercise as a mini escape that can improve your mood and energy levels on your wedding day as well as your overall quality of the new life you’re about to begin! 

Bonus tip: With all the exercise you’re doing, it’s important to remember to rehydrate! Drinking enough water throughout the day supports our organs, helps us lose weight, and is necessary to maintain brain function. If you struggle with your daily water intake, consider purchasing a bottle like this one to keep tabs on where you’re at with consumption throughout the day.

As the groom, it’s important to prepare for this day and ensure you’re looking and feeling your best when you it’s time to meet your bride-to-be at the altar. With a little planning and some self-care, you are sure to have one of the most memorable and enjoyable days of your life.  

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