How Brides are Renting their Accessories Across America

We’re coming up on our 8 YEAR anniversary and we thought it would be fun to give you a little peek into our brides’ rental habits all across the USA!

Where Brides are Renting?

Map of brides rending their accessories across the USA.
  • New York brides are 24% & California brides are 18% of our total orders!
  • We’ve shipped to 46 of the 50 states + DC & Puerto Rico (Montana, Idaho, South Dakota and Mississippi brides – where you at?!)
  • Now that we’ve moved to Oregon, we hope that shade gets a little bit darker!

How Many Brides are Renting?

Number of brides that Happily Ever Borrowed has rented to

We’ve got some work to do. There are 2.5 MILLION weddings in the USA each year, and on average we’re renting to about 300 brides per year.

What are Brides renting?

Over the years the trends have changed, but overall, Veils are our most popular rental! Jewelry & Haircombs come up pretty even in 2nd and 3rd place, and the rest of the categories make up the remaining 18% of rentals.

What is the most popular item rented?

That would be our Ana Cathedral Veil! It has been rented 55 times! (Not just 1 veil, that would be a miracle!)

Why are brides renting?

A while back we polled 375 brides-to-be on bridal accessories. (They weren’t previous customers and most had never heard of Happily Ever Borrowed!) Here were the results:

  • 95% thought bridal accessories were overpriced
  • 92% said they would have rented their bridal accessories if they knew they could and if they could find exactly what they were looking for. (We swear we didn’t pay them to say that!)
  • Of the 8% that said they wouldn’t rent, 75% said it was because of sentimental reasons/wanting to keep the items. The other 25% said they would rather buy cheaper accessories or they were afraid of the logistics (damages, not getting the pieces on time, late fees etc.)
  • 83% said the designer name of their accessories was not important to them
  • 99% said price was important when deciding on accessories
  • 97% said quality was important when deciding on accessories

So there you have it! We’ve been up and running for 8 years because we KNOW you want quality accessories at an affordable price. We’ll continue to do our best to bring you what you want to look beautiful on your wedding day without breaking the bank!

Brittany Finkle

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