Happy Wedding Anniversary to Brittany & Ben Finkle!

Brittany and Ben Finkle, Wedding, Amy Anaiz, Founder of Happily Ever Borrowed

It’s Brittany Finkle here, Founder & CEO of Happily Ever Borrowed! In honor of my 2 year wedding anniversary, I figured I’d share a few of my favorite moments from the big day with you all.

A HUGE thank you to Amy Anaiz who was our photographer for the big day and has helped with LOTS of Happily Ever Borrowed photography. For anyone looking for vibrant images filled with lots of emotion, she is your GIRL.

Morning Yoga

“Yoga Every Damn Day” is my mantra. It helps me stay focused and gets my energy and intentions set for the day. Instead of doing my own yoga every morning as I normally do, I hired Marissa DeLappa to guide us through a heart opening flow the morning of the wedding. It was the perfect way to start the wedding day!

Morning Golf

As we were doing Yoga, Ben had an early tee-time with friends and family at Cronin’s Golf Resort. I love that he was also able to have a moment with friends and family before he walked down the aisle!

NY Times

I feel so lucky that our story was featured in the NY Times the morning of our wedding. It was such a thrill to read our story that day and to get warm wishes of love and congratulations from family and friends who had seen the piece!

My Gift to Ben

Ben gave me my dream engagement ring and I wanted him to feel as special the day of as me! When I was in Paris a few months before the wedding, I found the perfect IWC watch with the help of an amazing sales associate in Galleries Lafayette. My first job at CHANEL was in watches and at the time Ben had been working at David Yurman so both of us had a little bit of love for the watch industry. Every time he wears this watch, it makes me SO happy!

My Accessories!

Obviously I was ALL ABOUT the accessories I was going to wear for my big day. The headpiece I selected the morning of and chose the Twigs & Honey Sugary Sweet Floral Headpiece. I was also lucky enough to have the gorgeous Lindsie of Haute Bride make me a custom necklace for my Hayley Paige custom gown! Speaking of….

My Gown

Hayley Paige is one of my besties from college, so she custom made me a blue gown! She also dip-dyed an ombre veil for me to match the exact color.

This Picture

This one is a Finkle family joke. You might not be able to tell from this image, but that painting of Ben’s sister Brianna in the background is HUGE. Ben & his brother Evan have a little bit of sibling jealousy that there is a life sized image of Brianna at their parents Lake House and no pictures of Ben or Evan! (Favorites much?) Them posing in front of this painting makes us laugh every time.

Our Vows

Ben wrote the MOST beautiful vows to me. Clearly, I could not keep it together. This photo captures it so beautifully. That crocodile tear, Ben’s smile…and that napkin is a Finkle family heirloom from the early 1900s. I cry looking at this photo all of the time! Shira Ginsburg officiated our wedding and it had such a special meaning to both of us. Shira converted me to Judaism (years before I had met Ben), and Shira grew up in the same temple as Ben’s father, unbeknownst to us! When we found out this detail, we knew it was beshert!

The Hora

Our family laughs that our Hora (a Jewish tradition) was the FASTEST tempo they had ever heard! I was petrified of getting up in that chair, but clearly, I had a good time.

Ben’s Grandfather

Ben’s grandparents recited the Hamotzi (Jewish tradition of blessing over the bread) and while it was a simple gesture, it means the world to us. First, all of my grandparents passed away when I was a young girl, so I feel so blessed to have new grandparents with Ben’s family. Second, Ben’s grandfather passed away just a month after our wedding. He looked so forward to our wedding day and had the time of his life. This photo again captures so perfectly the deep reverence we have for our grandparents.

The Lake & Weather

The entire weekend leading up to our wedding, it rained. And not just rained…it POURED BUCKETS. It rained so much the two brides before us couldn’t even have their ceremony on the covered patio of our venue! But the morning of our wedding, the sun was shining, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the Lake was the most stunning shade of blue. Lake George is our happy place and we feel so lucky that we had the perfect vision we dreamed of.

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