Unique Wedding Venue Ideas for the Ceremony and Reception

Starting your wedding planning process means that you’re about to face a lot of decisions you’ll have to make. At first, they may seem like they’re in the distant future, but they’ll spring up on you fast. While you may want to jump in the car and go dress shopping, the first decision you’ll really have to make will be about your venue.

There’s a whole world of venue options for brides to look through. Each one will offer something a little different, guaranteeing that you’ll find at least one that will jive with who you are and what you want your wedding to be. It may take a bit of looking around, especially if you want a venue that’s totally unique.

Fun, unique venues are great because they’re a great experience for both the couple getting married and all their guests. If you want a venue like that for your own wedding, read on for some suggestions that may spark your interest. Compare the types of venues to the theme you’re consider or the decor you like. You’ll find one that matches the image of the dream wedding you’d like to create.

1. Local Museum

museum wedding venue, Happily Ever Borrowed

Museums are for more than the occasional field trip or weekend vacation. They host local events frequently, and some will even host your wedding. Look around for museums that are known for having weddings in the past to see if any are in the area where you’d like to get married. Prices will vary, but they’ll have enough space to hose both parts of your wedding, plus a very cool photo op or two.

2. Tree House

treehouse wedding venue, happily ever borrowed

Are you and your future spouse an adventurous couple? If the answer is yes, then you might fall in love with the idea of a tree house wedding. You could host it anywhere in the world, since there are many locations to choose from. Brides don’t often pick tree house weddings, but those who do can go all out with both parts of the ceremony happening in different tree houses. This may be the destination wedding you never knew you wanted.

3. Luxury Hotel

luxury hotel wedding venue, Happily Ever Borrowed

You don’t need to have everyone stay overnight at a luxury hotel to have one host your wedding. Go all out and have your wedding at a themed or location focused hotel for breathtaking photos and a fairy tale experience. After you decide on the right one, you can rest easy. The hotel will have everything covered. Hotels often have large ballrooms for you to choose from and decorate, as well as kitchens and possibly even restaurants to help cater your food. Talk with hotels about in-house wedding planners, as some keep them on file.

4. Underwater Aquarium

aquarium wedding venue, Happily Ever Borrowed

Aquariums are known for being cute date spots, so why not have your wedding there too? You won’t be the first bride to suggest it, but you’ll probably be the only one of your friends to say “I do” with an underwater audience. The effect of the lighting coming down through the water will create an amazing backdrop for your ceremony, and large aquariums will also have event rooms ready for your reception. This is a great venue to consider if your wedding is going to have a lot of kids in attendance as well.

5. Sports Stadium

sports stadium wedding venue, Happily Ever Borrowed

You and your fiancé may have been sports fans since you met, which makes a sports stadium a fantastic place for your wedding. They’re used to converting the stadium into a place for sports games, concerts and yes, even weddings. Call around to local stadiums where you may have gone before or dream stadiums that you’d love to visit. Discuss what they can do for your wedding and what rooms they have available for your reception. You may even be able to dance the night away under the stadium spotlights with your wedding playlist blasting through the mega speakers.

6. Haunted Hotel

haunted hotel wedding venue, happily ever borrowed

Getting married in October? Why not have your wedding take place at a haunted hotel? There are so many locations to choose from that you may use it as an excuse to take a pre-wedding road trip. Guests can stay in the hotel too but remember that some may feel uncomfortable and prefer to sleep somewhere else. As a venue, a haunted hotel can’t be beat. Hang spider webbing around your reception area and play up the venue with your theme.

7. Christmas Tree Farm

christmas tree farm wedding venue, happily ever borrowed

This kind of venue will be seasonal. A Christmas tree farm will be a gorgeous place to get married and have your reception without ever leaving the farm. Photo ops abound if you go at night with fairy lights strung up around the trees. You can also have the classic rustic barn aesthetic, since they may already have a barn you can work with. All you’ll have to plan for is a way to rent heaters, so all your guests are comfortable for your December wedding.

8. Bowling Alley

bowling alley wedding venue, happily ever borrowed

It’s so easy to get caught up in wedding planning, especially as the date gets closer and the pressure to have the perfect day grows. Weddings are supposed to be fun, so have your wedding where you can feel relaxed and carefree. Many brides want to do the same, which is why they have everyone drive to the local bowling alley for their wedding.

Bowling alleys are a great place for a party, and there are some that will be prepared to host your wedding. Look for one with a classic look or retro theme and talk with them about their event spaces. Once your ceremony is over, everyone can grab a bite at the snack bar or have pizza ordered and compete over a couple rounds of bowling. You can even rent out the place for the night, so if you’re planning on having a large wedding, everyone can have a lane.

Think about what you want most out of your wedding to know where your dream venue will be. Will your wedding be fun and laid back, or more traditional? Look at venues like luxury hotels or tree houses and tour a few, just to get a feel for them. When you walk into a venue and feel your heart sing, you’ll know you’ve found the right one.

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