Where to Rent, Buy and Sell your Wedding Dress

We get dozens of inquiries a week on where brides can re-sell or buy used wedding dresses. (As a reminder – we DO NOT!) But we know a bunch of amazing resources where women can rent, buy and sell their wedding gowns!

Rent your Gown

Rent the runway, rent your wedding dress

There is really only one place to rent your gown and that’s Rent the Runway! We’ve seen other bridal rentals come and go, but RTR is here to stay. While they don’t exactly have true bridal gowns, they have plenty of gorgeous white gowns that can be worn for a wedding! Even better, use them for your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner outfits! They even have a concierge program that helps you save for all of your wedding events!

Buy & Re-Sell Your Gown & Accessories

We don’t buy used accessories from our brides since we work directly with our designers. But if you’re looking to buy pre-owned wedding gowns and accessories, or even selling your own, we have a two favorites you should explore!

NEARLY NEWLYWED: The premiere location to buy and sell your wedding dress! They have the most gorgeous selection of designer gowns to choose from. There’s a $25 listing fee and a 40% commission on the sale price. But they manage your dress and shipping for you!

STILL WHITE: Another one of our favorites, Still White has an amazing selection of gowns and will be featured on a brand new TLC show called Second Chance Dresses! They offer a $20 one-time listing fee and no commissions. But shipping is all on you.

ANOMALIE: Don’t want a used gown? Anomalie will make you a custom gown for a fraction of the price you’d find in stores. They have designers, stylists and a production team in Asia ready to make you the gown of your dreams! Seriously, we love this brand so much and their gowns are gorgeous!

There are plenty of places to explore on the web to rent or buy/sell a pre-owned gown, but these are our tried and true favorites! We hope you’re able to find the gown of your dreams at a fraction of the price!


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  1. I found it interesting that you state that you can find a place to buy and sell your wedding gowns. My daughter is getting married next year and we want to find the perfect dress for her. I will keep this in mind and start looking for a designer wedding gown shop that suits all of our needs.

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