Three Experts Share How to Budget For Your Wedding Day

Can you still have your dream wedding on a budget? Absolutely! When you can budget for your wedding day, it gives couples the chance to get creative to add special touches to the big day without spending a fortune. From DIY flowers to renting bridal accessories, three experts share their biggest budget tips for your wedding day that are practical and stylish.

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1. Look for a non-traditional wedding venue

Nicole Firebaugh is the owner of Marion Bridal, an affordable plus size wedding dress shop. She got married in October 2019, and carefully budgeted to keep the wedding under $5000.

Firebaugh was able to stay within her budget by seeking out a non-traditional wedding location. She began looking for lodges nearby in the hopes of finding a venue at a fraction of the price traditional venues charge.

“I found a stone lodge on a lake with an area for an outdoor ceremony,” Firebaugh says. “The venue also had an indoor reception with tables and chairs included for about $300 a day.”

Firebaugh quickly booked the lodge for two days — one to set everything up and the day of the wedding to get ready. While she says the couple did have to put up their own decorations and clean the location, it was absolutely worth it for $600.

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2. Rent your bridal accessories

Obviously, we needed to give this tip!

Brittany Finkle, founder of Happily Ever Borrowed says, “There is no need to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on an item you can only wear once. Sometimes, a veil is only worn for 15 minutes down the aisle!”

Happily Ever Borrowed rents their dream accessories like bridal veils, hair accessories or earrings, for 80-90% off the retail price. Over 2000 brides have rented accessories for their wedding day, and we make it easy to shop by style, designer, and accessory.

Take a look at some of our most popular rentals!

cathedral length lace veil, rent a bridal veil, happily ever borrowed, ana cathedral veil

Channel your inner romantic by renting the hand-sewn Ana Cathedral Veil from Brides & Hairpins. ($115, Happily Ever Borrowed)

Gold rhinestone swarovski leaf bridal hair comb, Iris Headpiece, rent bridal headpiece from Happily Ever Borrowed

Wearing your hair up? Add a little sparkle with the Iris Headpiece from Emma Katzka. ($55, Happily Ever Borrowed)

rent a fur stole, bridal fur cape, Happily Ever Borrowed

Bundle up for a festive winter wedding in Davie & Chiyo’s Woodland Fur Cape. ($45, Happily Ever Borrowed)

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3. DIY flower arrangements

Did you know the national average for hiring a wedding florist is $2,800? Did you also know there’s a way to DIY your own wedding bouquets? Amy McCord Jones is the owner of Flower Moxie, an online DIY flower business. Flower Moxie gives brides access to florist-grade blooms. Instructions and insider tips are also provided to create dreamy DIY floral arrangements.

McCord Jones, who has been a wedding planner and florist for 12 years, believes DIY’ing wedding flowers is about more than saving extra money in your wedding budget. It’s great fun for everyone involved in the wedding party.

“The flowers are delivered three days before the wedding, so there is ample time to prep, organize, and design,” McCord Jones says. “Most brides and their mother report that DIY’ing the flowers was the most fun they had during their wedding week. They get together with friends and family, drink wine, and get to play with beautiful blooms!”

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