We’re Now Available at Rent the Runway!

Rent wedding veils and bridal hair accessories by Happily Ever Borrowed from Rent the Runway

We are so excited to announce that The Ever Collection by Happily Ever Borrowed is now available to rent at Rent the Runway! RTR has been our inspiration from day 1; bringing the idea of sustainability to the fashion industry and normalizing the idea that we shouldn’t own items we only wear once. Your bridal attire should be no exception.

Maybe you have grandiose ideas of rocking your veil around the house for years to come. But from what we know, most brides wear their veil for only a few hours…even minutes of their wedding day. After that, it’s banished to a box for years in the back of your closet.

We’ve created a selection of exclusive wedding veils and bridal hair accessories for RTR that we know you’ll love. Use all of those extra dollars you saved from renting and invite some more guests, add an extra tier to your cake, or splurge on those envelope liner your mom won’t stop bugging you about.

Not seeing a piece you love? We’ve got plenty more available at Happily Ever Borrowed!

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