Wedding Invitations to Match Your Wedding Style

As you plan your wedding, you may have a certain vibe you’re going for or a specific color scheme in mind as you focus on a theme of your big day. Even if your plans aren’t set in stone, you can still tease your guests with what’s to come by sending invitations to match your wedding style. No matter what it looks like, there’s an invitation out there to meet the vision of each and every couple.

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Minted wedding invitation sample pack with invitation and
Invitation Sample Pack | Minted


Whether you’re getting married with your toes in the sand or just want your wedding to give off an ocean vibe, you can set the scene of crashing waves and salty air for your friends and family starting as soon as they open their invitation.

Bring the Shoreline to Your Guests

Deliver the mist of the sea with an invitation color swatch of light blues, aqua, and seafoam, a palette that can stay on your invitation or come to life with your wedding decor.

Ocean Spray Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite

Destination Wedding

Palm trees and ocean breezes await your guests once they receive the invitation to jet set to your destination wedding. Get everyone excited for the vacation celebration to come with a taste of what’s in store.

Palm | Minted


Bohemian weddings are on the rise, and with so many ways to embrace the boho style, it can seem impossible to choose just one invitation.

Light and Airy

Take boho-inspo from nature with plant prints, earth tones, and complimenting pastel colors.

Boho wedding invitation with wheat stalks in pale pink and rose gold foil
Crush | Minted

Botanical Inspiration

Let florals be your bohemian wedding guide. Dark and moody or fair and delicate, the color combos of boho botanicals are endless.

Botanical boho invitation from Minted decorated with maroon, gold and pale pink flowers and rose gold accents,
harvest | Minted


No matter what your wedding day is going to look like, you can never go wrong with a classic, no-frills invitation. After all, it doesn’t matter what theme or colors you use on your invitation as long as the important information is included.

Black and White

It truly doesn’t get more classic than a black and white invitation. The dark text in contrast with the light background gives a sleek, timeless look.

Classic wedding invitation with white background and standard black text with wedding date and location information
Classic Wedding Invitation | Artifact Uprising

Fonts Can Speak Volumes

The font you choose for your wedding invitation can set the tone as much as the color or graphics you use. For a classic look, opt for a traditional cursive or clean print.

Traditional black and white wedding invitation with cursive and print text.
Elegant Script Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite


Dress up your invitations with precious metallic hues and foil for an added level of glam.

Sparkle and Shine

Add hints of glitter or any other shiny effect to enhance your invitation with an extra level of fancy.

Wedding invitation watercolor printed with varying hues of purple and decorated along the bottom with foil
purple fantasty | Minted

Go for the Gold

Gold foil (or any other color foil) can take any invitation to the next level by adding another dimension.

Black and white invitation with gold foil border that shines in the light.
Painted Frame | Minted


Modern means something different to everyone, but quite often it’s any type of spin on tradition.


Less can be more when it comes to wedding invitations. More whitespace and less design mean more focus on what you really want guests to get out of your invitation – the date and location.

Simple wedding invitation with white background saying We Do and two intertwined circles.
Union Wedding Invitation | Artifact Uprising

Geometric Inspiration

Multi-sided figures are an increasing trend in weddings and having geometric print invitations gives you the creative ability to add as many shapes and colors to your invitation as you desire.


Chip and Joanna Gaines may not be invited to your wedding, but you can feel like they are with a farmhouse style invitation.


Wood paneling meets color blocking meets upcycled design. Whatever your DIY dreams, bring them to life on your invitation, then go get started on that DIY decor you know you’re planning but shouldn’t procrastinate working on.

Wooden siding print and pale peach triangles frame the details of this wedding invitation from Minted
Modern Barn Wood | Minted

Country Wedding Chic

Brown paper can go a long way when it comes to decorating and creating wedding details. Give the look of butcher paper and chalk lettering on your invitations for a rustic feel that works for outdoor weddings, winter weddings, barn weddings and more!

Brown paper invitation with white cursive and scalloped edges
Rustic Country Wedding Invitations | Basic Invites


More than likely, romance is one of the main feelings you want reflected on the day you exchange vows with your honey. Spread the love with a romantic wedding invitation.

Color with Love

There’s a reason that shades of red, pink, and purple are the colors associated with Valentine’s Day, it’s because they evoke feelings of love and romance. Spark these emotions with pale pinks, passionate reds, or romantic rose gold hues on your invitation.

Wedding invitation with pale pink frame with gold foil polka dots surrounding a white text box
Love Story | Minted

Bouquets Brought to Life

Embrace the classic romantic gesture of giving a bouquet of flowers by sending all your guests a floral arrangement in print form they can treasure forever on your wedding invitation.

Water color flowers printed in deep purple and gold with green leaves and wedding invitation details written in purple cursive and black print
Fresh Cut Flowers Wedding Invitations | Basic Invite

Showcase Your Love

Share your love for one another with guests by doing just that – showcase your relationship with a photo (or a few). There’s no better way to convey the love you’re committing to on your wedding day than by capturing it in a Kodak moment for all to see. Plus as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words (just don’t forget the important words on your invitation, like the date and venue of your wedding).

Romantic Frame | Minted


If you’re planning to buck tradition with your wedding, why not start with your invitations? Choose a fun style that you and your partner both enjoy.

Special interests

If you and your partner have a common passion, unique interest, or special hobby, share it with your guests on a custom wedding invitation. From travel to poker to soccer, whatever you like to do together is worthy of being on your invitation.

Wedding Vinyl | Minted


Make guests LOL when they open your invitation and it will be one they certainly never forget receiving.

Humorous wedding invitation that says, Beautiful Bride, Handsome Groom, Booze, Food & Bad DAnce Moves You in or What
You in or What | Minted

Tell us below, what do your wedding invitations look like? We can’t wait to hear more about your wedding style!

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