Tips for Looking and Feeling Confident on Your Wedding Day

Being a bride can be nerve-wracking. You will be the center of attention for an entire day, receiving compliments, taking pictures, and striking conversation while processing the fact that you just got married! Feeling confident and looking your best on the big day can be a challenge with all of that stress!

But no matter how nervous you may be, the following tips will help you hide your jitters so you spend your wedding day the happiest, most confident bride anyone has ever seen!

Put an emphasis on self-care

woman at the spa with cucumbers on her eyes - wedding self-care

The key to being confident and happy starts with taking care of yourself from the inside out. A self-care routine isn’t only beneficial in the months leading up to your wedding. Through prioritizing your overall health and well being, you will be able to enjoy a healthier life, long after you have shared your vows.

Getting a facial or making time for a massage is great (and you totally should if it helps relieve stress), but for most, self-care begins by developing life-long healthy habits like a proper diet and maintaining an active lifestyle. If you’re unsure where to start, make the effort to begin by getting involved with different groups and communities that can help you learn and keep you accountable. If your goal is to lose weight, for example, it may be most effective for you to join a customized weight loss program tailored to your lifestyle. Or maybe you’re looking to get a little more active to relieve stress? Consider joining a group fitness facility in your area! Classes like kickboxing, Zumba, and yoga are a great way to get you motivated, as well as step out of your comfort zone and try something new! The true start to feeling confident on your wedding day starts with feeling good about your lifestyle!

Let your wedding reflect your personality

The Office Themed Wedding invitation - dunder mifflin

Pinterest is a great place to get decoration ideas, but don’t feel as though you have to stick to what you see on your feed! The best weddings are ones that really reflect the personality of the bride and groom as individuals and as a couple. Plus, making your big day tailored to you will help you feel more comfortable and relaxed!

Incorporate quotes from your favorite TV show or reflect your love for travel in your decorations. Are you both big music fans? Spend some time curating a dinner and cocktail hour playlist of your favorite bands and songs. Are you a couple that loves being outdoors? Find a venue that will allow you to have a big bonfire on the property so you and your guests can enjoy s’mores.  Your wedding day is about who you are as a couple and you’ll feel confident and find comfort and happiness when those qualities are represented on your wedding day!

Plan ahead

Pink Flowers and planner - wedding planning

We’ve all rolled our eyes at the bride who had every aspect of her wedding planned out a year or two in advance. But let’s be real– she’s on to something. There is nothing more stressful than trying to bring together the final wedding project details at the last minute! You’ll find yourself upset, stressed out, and wondering why you didn’t start planning sooner.

The earlier you can get started on finding your vendors and buy or craft your decorations, the more time you’ll have to relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to your wedding. The satisfaction of knowing you got it all done the way you wanted to provides a well-deserved boost of confidence, especially since you won’t be stressing out about the wedding details you forgot or ran out of time for. Consider using a wedding planning binder to stay productive and on time!

Don’t let the opinions of others affect you

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Let’s face it, everyone has an opinion. One minute your friends are going to say how they really feel about their bridesmaid’s gowns and the next your mother-in-law will be telling you who should and shouldn’t be invited. Everyone has an idea of how your special day should be, but in the end, the details are always up to you! 

Don’t let this deter your happiness on your wedding day and in the months leading up to it. Listen to what people say with an open mind, kindly thank them for their input, and politely decline. When everything is said and done, chances are that they’ll forget anyway!

Be Proud!

woman looking her best and feeling confident

You have waited what feels like forever for this day. You have put your heart, soul, and energy into creating a moment in time for you and your loved ones to remember always. You made it through past relationships that weren’t good for you and have overcome tough times and challenges with your fiance, and you’ve learned how to be a good partner because of it.

You, yes you, deserve this day and all of the love and attention that comes with it. Revel in the joy and confidence that comes from being proud of the person you’ve grown to be to get to the point of being a married woman!

We hope this tips and tricks help you in the journey to feeling confident on your Wedding Day! Want more Wedding Planning advice? Check out the rest of The Borrowed Blog for advice on styling, wedding planning and more!

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