Movie Weddings We Can’t Stop Watching

Curling up under a blanket and watching a movie is one of the best ways to spend a night in. Curling up, watching a movie, and getting wedding inspiration at the same time is even better. From romcoms to cartoon classics, these movies are fan favorites with the added bonus of sweet wedding scenes that double as major inspiration if you’re currently planning a wedding (or dreaming about one). And while movie budgets are typically much higher than real-life wedding budgets, it never hurts to dream. Plus, movie weddings can provide great theme ideas, decor inspiration, ceremony modifications and more that can be adapted to meet a non-celebrity price point.


This Netflix original movie, based on the book series by Anna Todd, won a 2019 People’s Choice award and we totally understand why. It’s a teen love story that will captivate you from beginning to end, complete with a wedding that will take your breath away (don’t worry though, it’s not an unrealistic, high school kids having a massive wedding type of movie).

Bride in wedding jumpsuit and capelette holds groom's hand as they walk off screen behind wedding dessert table filled with flowers, pastries, and a four tier cake decorated in flowers.
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The bride’s wedding jumpsuit and capelette will give you fashion envy and you’ll be left speechless over the abundance of globe lights hanging from trees to illuminate the backyard. The couple’s lucite dancefloor covering the pool is one of wedding decor dreams, but the fact that it doesn’t have barriers or cover the entire pool may not be the best idea when paired with an open bar, an important design flaw to note if you’re planning to recreate this incredible design in your own backyard. 

Wedding guests dance on lucite dance floor covering a backyard pool as candles float in the surrounding water and globe lanterns hang above the pool
Image credit: Netflix

A Walk to Remember

It’s no secret that Nicholas Sparks and romance are synonymous, so it only makes sense that this classic book turned movie has a totally perfect wedding (and wedding veil). Seriously, look at the details on that beauty!

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If every scene leading up to Jamie and Landon’s wedding doesn’t make you cry, their wedding certainly will. This heartwarming film features a quaint ceremony in a picturesque countryside church. If you’re struggling to write your vows, A Walk to Remember is here to save the day with a reading from 1 Corinthians reminding viewers that, “Love is patient, love is kind…” And when Jamie and Landon mouth “I love you” to each other during the vows, it’s safe to say you’ll be a puddle of tears.

Jenny’s Wedding

Katherine Heigel is the queen of wedding movies and Jenny’s Wedding is no exception. Heigel plays Jenny who comes out to her parents that the woman they believed was her roommate of the past five years is actually the love of her life and they are getting married. Strap into the emotional rollercoaster as this film chronicles a family’s road to accepting who their daughter has always been.

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The Sound of Music

The hills are alive in this Julie Andrews classic. Based on the true story of Maria von Trapp and her path of future nun turned governess to a Naval Captain and his family in Austria. Captain von Trapp opposes the Nazis in this Holocaust-era film and flees Austria with his family and Maria, who later becomes his wife in this movie filled with the perfect mixture of song, dance, and history, a few of our favorite things.


Can a cartoon be on a top movie wedding list? We think it can! The wedding scene in Up may only last a few seconds, but it’s a portrayal of true love, and what more is a wedding than two people in love with each other coming together to start a marriage?

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Not only does the wedding melt your heart but the whole love story of Carl and Ellie will leave you ugly crying, and it’s worth every second. Up has inspired countless real weddings since its premiere, and we think that speaks for itself on the importance of this Pixar movie.

Image credit: Chris + Jenn Photos via This Fairytale Life

Crazy Rich Asians

As far as movie weddings go, this one is on the extremely lavish side. Like, made to look $40 million lavish. Watch as the outdoors come to life inside a Singapore church while the bride walks on water toward her groom as she’s surrounded by hundreds of twinkling butterflies (yes, seriously).

Whatever part of your mind is left after it’s been blown by the ceremony will be gone when you see the reception. Guests enjoy the party of the year complete with traditional red and gold decor, lanterns, a full meal (the cast was even served real food) and a pink, floral decorated cake that could feed a small army.

Image credit: Sanja Bucko via The Knot

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Windex fixes everything, but can it fix wedding planning stress? Maybe not. But the belly laughs you’ll have while watching this wedding classic surely will. Toula comes from a devout Greek family and bringing her non-Greek husband-to-be into the family is certainly a test of true love for this pair as they face the headaches many couples do when family gets too involved in the wedding plans. 

My Big Fat Greek Wedding couple run out of the church on their wedding day with joyful smiles on their faces
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Coming to America

In an effort to escape an arranged marriage and women who only want him for his fame, Prince Akeem flees to America and takes on the persona of a fast food worker. Spoiler alert, the wealthy African prince finds the wife he always dreamed of and they celebrate with a wedding fit for royalty, literally. 

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The celebration has pale pink accents from top to bottom, complete with an absolutely stunning pink ball gown which was a trendsetter for its time. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans may recognize this wedding as the inspiration behind Kandi Burruss’ 2014 wedding which recreated several scenes from the 1988 blockbuster. 

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Watching Cinderella is where the idea of the princess ballgown fantasy all began. There’s a reason you hear so many kids grow up to say they want a fairytale wedding. And while you get older and learn there’s so much more to life than a handsome prince sweeping you off your feet and making you a princess, we all just want to live happily ever after.

Cinderella and Prince Charming running down the stairs of the palace after getting married while flying birds hold up Cinderella's veil and rice is tossed.

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What are your favorite movie weddings? Let us know below which weddings are on your must-watch list!

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