Style This Gown: How to Accessorize Your Watters Wedding Dress

There are so many factors that get taken into account when adding accessories to your wedding day look. Colors, style preferences, and even the timeless something blue adage. Accessorizing dresses that are created with textures, patterns, and specific designs can seem like an impossible task if you’re looking to match the details of the gown. Ease the stress of trying to create the perfect look with these inspiration tips on dressing up an already detailed wedding dress.

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Now Styling: Carroll Beaded Dress by Watters

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The pronounced boning of the bodice combined with the flocked dotted netting over the tulle skirt creates a detailed style, making this Watters gown breathtaking regardless of whether you go for the nude or ivory underlay.


Since veils are often made with lace or studded with pearls, crystals, and other stones, they tend to have a distinct design that can make it hard to match with the style of certain dresses. In the case of the Watters Carroll Beaded dress, a veil with pearls or other stones complimenting the three-dimensional polka-dotted pattern of the dress is a great choice.

Image credit: Evony Veil from Happily Ever Borrowed

The same goes for veils that lack embellishments of any kind and are made of a flowing tulle or other neutral material like the nylon tulle Stephanie veil. A simple look can make a big statement when paired with a detailed gown whereas veils with intricate lace or patterns that contrast with the dress can cause the overall look to clash dramatically and may take away from the focus on the gorgeous wedding dress you’ve chosen.

Image credit: Stephanie Veil from Happily Ever Borrowed

Hair Accessories

No matter how you choose to wear your hair, there’s a hair accessory (or several) to pair with it. With a neverending supply to choose from, a simple but elegant piece that matches your other accessories but doesn’t overshadow the dress is recommended. The Serena Comb is a great choice for a statement piece with its crystals to reflect light and make it shine along with subtle 14k gold plated metalwork that complements the hue of the nude underlay of the Watters wedding dress.

Image credit: Serena Comb from Happily Ever Borrowed

For a smaller hair accessory, go with the Kiki Hair Comb. The tiny pearls scattered among the crystal will match the dotted pattern of the gown. Look for stones that can match the shape of details on your gown when pairing accessories with a complex wedding dress. In this case, round pearls are the perfect silhouette.

Image credit: Kiki Hair Comb from Happily Ever Borrowed


Continuing with the studded look of the veil, pearls are a small but mighty statement piece when it comes to necklaces, bracelets, and especially earrings. Pearl Cluster Earrings are an ideal pearl and crystal combo that will mimic the look of the gown.

Image credit: Pearl Cluster Earrings from Happily Ever Borrowed


Depending on the hem of the dress you’re wearing, your shoes may never be visible, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want wedding shoes that match your look, especially for photos. When choosing what to wear on your feet for your ceremony and reception, opt for shoes that will match the color of the dress whether it be ivory, beige, nude, or pure white. Embellished shoes add an extra level of glam to your look and the embellishments (crystals, pearls, etc.) can be used to match with your other accessories to create a cohesive look like with these Gorgeous Pointed Toe Evening Shoes by Badgley Mishka.

Image credit: AL Weddings via Inside Weddings

What are your favorite accessories to pair with this Watters wedding dress? Comment below!

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