Style This Gown: How to Accessorize Your Jenny Yoo Dress

How do you accentuate a fit-and-flare dress that is also off the shoulder and has a twisted neckline? That’s not only a mouthful but a lot of details to take into account when choosing your accessories! When a dress has several elements to accentuate, such as a detailed neckline, embellishments or patterns, selecting a few of the highlights to focus on instead of attempting to match every aspect of the dress can make the accessorizing process a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.

Now Styling: Cordelia Wedding Dress by Jenny Yoo

Image credit: Jenny Yoo


Go for a long veil that will cover your shoulders or a birdcage veil that will leave your shoulders exposed when wearing an off the shoulder dress. Veils of in-between length will fall at various lengths and take away from the neckline of your off the shoulder dress. The Ariel Taub Dream veil pairs perfectly with the Cordelia dress because it is completely transparent, meaning that although it is beyond shoulder-covering length, the detailing of the dress will not be covered regardless of whether you have the veil pulled over your face or not.

Image credit: Dream Veil from Happily Ever Borrowed

Hair Accessories

Every single hairstyle can incorporate accessories whether you have a pixie cut or long, pin-straight hair. One of the most versatile hair accessories is a hair vine. The Olivia hair vine by Haute Bride. Wear entwined in a messy braid, at the top of flowing curls, styled as a headband, or placed as a tiara on top of your head.

Image credit: Olivia Hair Vine from Happily Ever Borrowed


Jewelry may just be the most fun part of accessorizing any look because the choices and combinations available are limitless. Keeping with the same color of jewelry is typically recommended but in no way required. It is your day and you should absolutely be wearing what makes you happiest and feel the most stunning.

If you’re not sure where to begin, choose the color or colors you’re going for and then go from there. The Cushion Crown Earrings by Haute Bride are symbolic of the Cordelia wedding dress itself, complex yet simple, and are a breathtaking blush gold. The exterior crystals create a frame around the gorgeous post earring, giving nod to the twist that meets in the middle of the off the shoulder dress.

Image credit: Cushion Crown Earrings from Happily Ever Borrowed

Sparkle can accessorize any outfit, which is why crystal jewelry is a great jewelry choice for any dress. The Boucheron II bracelet by Stephanie Brown is one of crystal lovers’ dreams with its vine-inspired look and arrangement of Swarovski crystals.

Image credit: Boucheron II Bracelet from Happily Ever Borrowed

If a statement piece is more your speed, choose jewelry with a larger design or signature element that draws attention like the rose gold Olivia Bracelet from Haute Bride.

Image credit: Olivia Bracelet from Happily Ever Borrowed

When pairing necklaces with an off the shoulder dress, be sure to try your necklace on with the dress before purchasing to ensure that it falls above the neckline. No one wants to wear the necklace that dips into your dress, leaving only the chain visible.


If you’re keeping with a rose gold motif, then these Rose Gold Blush shoes from Ally are a must-have! Comfortable and stylish is hard to find but they deliver and are an excellent mix of glitter with hints of sequins sprinkled throughout.

Image credit: Ally Shoes

Heels not your shoe of choice? Go for a flat shoe, like these Macy Metallic dress sandals from Naturalizer which will let your pedicure of choice peek out from under the dress as you walk and not leave you with the inevitable ache that comes after a night out in heels.


An off the shoulder dress can leave you feeling a bit chilly when night falls and the sun is no longer shining warmth on you like a celebrity spotlight. When you head off the dance floor and begin to cool down, warm up in the Woodland Fur Cape by Davie & Chiyo, which feels like being enveloped in a soft hug (bonus points for the hidden clasp that keeps the shawl securely wrapped around you).

Image credit: Woodland Fur Cape from Happily Ever Borrowed

For more tips on accessorizing your wedding dress, visit The Borrowed Blog for more tips on how to Style the Gown.

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