11 Unique Wedding Entertainment Ideas

There’s no question that weddings are fun, entertaining experiences. Guests and couples alike love a wedding day and while it doesn’t take much for everyone to have a good time, it can be exciting to mix it up and add special, unique wedding entertainment into your day that friends and family will never forget.

Elevate your celebration to look like it came straight out of a movie with these one-of-a-kind wedding entertainment ideas that everyone is sure to love.

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Magician or Illusionist

We’re not saying to turn your wedding into a magic show (though how cool would that be?). But we are saying that having a magician or two to entertain small groups of people at cocktail hour can provide a ton of fun while doubling as an ice breaker during a time that can be awkward for guests who don’t know many people. Sleight of hand tricks will get people talking and asking each other, “How’d they do that?”

Bridesmaids and guests make shocked faces as a magician reveals a card trick
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Live Painter

Imagine entertaining wedding guests AND starting your art collection as a married couple at once! Live wedding paintings are a growing trend, even Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon had one at their wedding, and we can’t get enough. Hire a painter to capture your first dance, walk down the aisle, or another memorable moment from the day. You’ll love the end result and guests will be mesmerized watching the process.

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Aerial Artists

Get guests to look up from their phones, literally. Aerial artists are the wedding entertainment you never knew you wanted. Watch them flip, twirl, and climb as your guests stare in amazement. Bonus points if they also pour champagne (yes, you really can hire aerial artists to come pop the bubbly for your guests)!

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Caricature Artist

Give guests a gift they can take home at the end of the night with the help of caricature artists. And of course, a caricature of the newlyweds to keep for all time. Lines will form pretty quickly for this fun offering so you’ll definitely want to hire more than one artist to keep up with the demand.

Bride and groom sit in the background as caricature artist faces them, drawing the couple in the foreground of the photo.
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Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a photo booth? Guests get photos they can keep as a memory of your wedding and the couple gets a digital copy of all the silly evidence. Take your photo booth to the next level by printing a strip from each photoshoot and pasting it in an album for guests to sign their name next to as a guest book. If you’re looking to go more digital, bring in a 360 photo booth that can create fancy gifs of your guests like they do on the E! red carpet.

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We’re not talking about recreating a child’s birthday party (though Mickey and Minnie have been known to make appearances at weddings). We’re talking about characters and decor pieces that come to life in human form. Mermaids, burlesque artists, dancing disco balls anyone?

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Bounce House

Is it just us or were the best birthday parties the ones with the bounce houses? It’s probably been way too long since you’ve jumped around happily in a fit of giggles which is why bringing that joy to your wedding guests sounds like a fabulous idea. Just make sure it’s an activity scheduled for early in the day. Bounce houses and open bars don’t mix well.

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Food Conveyor Belts

Food is already one of the best parts of a wedding, but deliver it to guests on a conveyor built and it can only get better!

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Petting Zoo

Petting zoos aren’t just for kids, though this is the perfect activity to have if your wedding will have a lot of children in attendance. Plus who doesn’t love taking pictures with adorable animals? An outdoor cocktail hour or reception sets the perfect stage for a petting zoo, and your wedding will be an Instagram sensation.

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Carnival Games

Ring toss, balloon darts, basketball, skeeball, the list goes on. Offer these fair favorites and you’ll be surprised how much fun guests can have. And if your budget magically allows for a carnival ride, well then we say go for it!

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End the night with a literal bang. Take your sparkler exit to a whole new level with a firework show or colorful sparkler showers for guests to enjoy (depending on local firework laws). Please, hire a professional for this one!

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How are you entertaining guests at your wedding? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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