The Best Winter Proposal Ideas

When your heart lets you know it’s time to propose, it may skip a beat or two. There’s nothing better than imagining spending your life with your favorite person by your side. But First, you have to think of a way to propose.

Once you start finding proposal inspiration online, you’ll realize there are tons of ways to pop the question. You could take the love of your life on a hot air balloon ride or get a plane to write it out for you in the clouds. It’s all romantic, but you also don’t want to copy something too generic.

Check out the best winter proposal ideas you can use this year to surprise the person who has captured your heart. They’ll love the creativity and personal touch in each one, so think about what they’d like and pick the one that makes your heart sing.

1. Carve It in the Snow

winter proposal ideas, carved marry me in the snow

After the first big snowfall of the year, it’s time to watch the weather forecasts closely. When there’s a guaranteed snowfall overnight, find your way under a window where your significant other lives. Carve your proposal into the snow, decorating it with drawings and spray colors if you like. One phone call will lead them to the window.

Make sure to do this after the early morning snow has fallen. If it continues snowing, it may cover up your proposal before your partner wakes up!

2. Head to a Historic Site

Winter proposal idea, Rolf's NYC restaurant

Think about historic buildings or sites in your area and find out which ones go all out for the holidays. You may not have a home filled with garlands and trees, but they will. Invite your partner out on a date and propose in a place already decorated as a dreamy winter wonderland.

3. Design a Cute Mug

proposal ideas, message inside of a mug saying i love you

Anyone who enjoys making art will love getting a mug and a set of colorful markers. Write your proposal across the bottom of the cup and bake it until the ink sets. Invite friends over for hot chocolate or coffee and have the ring ready for when your partner finishes their drink and reads the surprise inside.

4. Take Them on Vacation

proposing on vacation, Disney Polynesian resort

Someone with an adventurous spirit would adore a proposal that happens during a vacation you plan for them, so find a creative trip for the two of you. You could also secretly invite your partner’s friends and family if you know they’d want them there for the big moment. Just be sure you know they’ll say yes, or you could be in for a big embarrassment.

5. Create a Winter Wonderland

backyard winter wonderland, winter proposal ideas

You don’t have to miss out on a winter proposal just because you live somewhere warm. Think about what your partner would love and create a winter wonderland in your backyard with a few supplies. Tons of white fairy lights, holiday decor and a fake snow machine will give your proposal a personal touch that your significant other will never see coming.

6. Skate Into Married Bliss

ice skating proposal, winter proposal ideas

What’s more fun to do in the winter than go ice skating? Invite your future spouse out on the rink with you and have the DJ play a song they’ll recognize. Ask them to dim the lights if it’s indoors and propose on one knee in the middle of the rink. It’s a romantic and seasonal way to start the story of your fairytale wedding.

Think About Your Partner

The only thing that makes a proposal perfect is if your partner loves it. Consider what they like or what their passions are, like ice skating or hot chocolate. Whatever you decide to do, it’ll be a success because you planned it with all the love in your heart!

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