Go Off-Registry: 5 DIY Wedding Gifts That Will Be Sure to Impress

Are you the type who wants to give a unique wedding gift? Well we’ve rounded up the 5 DIY wedding gifts that are sure to impress any couple.

The classic option is to get your friend something off their registry, something many people rely on. Yet you want to give something extra special. Therefore, it’s time to take out your crafting supplies.

If you’re looking to make your wedding gift by hand & go off-registry then read on to find the perfect one!

1. Paint Blackboard Wine Glasses 

DIY wedding gift, blackboard wine glasses

After the married couple settles into their new routine, they’ll want to invite people over to hang out. When they do, how will they remember which glass belongs to each guest? Solve this problem before it occurs by painting blackboard wine glasses.

Dip the bottom of wine glasses in blackboard paint and gift the couple with chalk as well. Everyone can write their names on the bottom of their drinks so that there’s never any confusion.

2. Create a Faux Marble Ring Dish

faux marble ring dish, diy wedding gift

When you get home for the day, you probably toss your car keys by the front door and take off your jewelry. Married couples will do the same and need a place to put their rings. Keep your loved one from misplacing their wedding band when you create a faux marble ring dish with different colored rolls of clay.

Roll the creative colors together and press them out into the shape of a bowl. Bake for a few minutes and top it with a glossy glaze so that it looks like you bought it from a professional. Etch their wedding date or a note from yourself on the bottom of the bowl to commemorate the big day.

3. Decorate a Statement Plate

wedding statement plate with invitation on it

Married couples often get a china cabinet to display the set of dishware they get as a wedding gift. Whether or not that happens to your loved one, you can give them something to show off. 

Grab some permanent markers and rubbing alcohol to decorate a statement plate with the couple’s first dance song, vows or anything else from their wedding. They can put it in a china cabinet or proudly display it on a shelf.

4. Make a Leather Photo Album

wedding leather photo album

Your loved one will be excited to collect photos from their wedding, either from their photographer or guests. Give them a place to put all those pictures to ensure they don’t have to make an extra trip to the store. 

Create a leather photo album after you pick the right kind of leather and bind it together over pages with photograph storage. It’ll last a lot longer than a plastic album and has a creative look they won’t find anywhere else. 

5. Personalize Ceramic Pots

DIY wedding gifts, personalized ceramic pots

If you know one of the people getting married has a green thumb, personalize ceramic pots with paint from your local craft store. After you’ve drawn your designs, paint them into being and let them dry.

Next, find the perfect greenery to plant inside. Look for a plant that will thrive indoors, such as cacti and succulents. 

Get Creative With Your Gift

Think about each of these easy DIY wedding gifts and consider which your loved one will enjoy most. They might prefer bringing home a baby plant to raise or a leather photo album to hold their memories. Have fun using your crafting skills to make a wedding gift they’ll treasure forever, without relying on a standard registry.

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